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Wine funds

WINE INVESTMENT Premium wine has become a full-blown asset class from which financial gain can be made. Supply of the very best wines remains limited by law, while demand globally and in particular from Asia keeps rising. These long-lived wines ultimately will be drunk but in the process of maturation, rise in value. This creates an opportunity for serious investors with a long-term view.


PROFESSIONAL FUND MANAGEMENT True wine funds differ greatly from conventional wine merchants and focus instead on genuine asset management. Our fund partners exhibit proven track records of high risk-adjusted returns whose funds provide diversification benefits to investors. The fund managers select undervalued wines, relieving the investor of tough decisions about vintage, wine and timing. The funds offer a simple formula of holding physical stock of cases of wine of proven provenance for which there is a proper marketplace in the form of an electronic exchange, And importantly, fund fees are transparent. Fine wine has proven over three decades to have a low correlation to financial markets and offers a compelling investment.

Vineyard funds

VINEYARD INVESTMENT Investing in wine real estate in France has been rewarding business as prices per hectare has tripled in the last twenty years, and for the best AOC-rated land prices have risen at a rate of nine per cent annually – a five-fold increase. As with any investment, skilful selection among prospects is essential: of the 8’000 properties in Bordeaux alone, only a fraction have true potential for value creation of the land, winery and marketing of the end-product.


Quality is dependent on a number of factors, but a good vineyard and a skilled winemaker are essential starting points. At the premium end, they are in short supply and this is why careful selection of wine real estate and its management can be a very attractive long term investment.


FUND MANAGEMENT Vineyard funds with decades of experience offer expertise in terms of working closely with real estate professionals, winemaking specialists and business strategists to elevate properties in their portfolio to higher standards. In so doing, their long-term participation has generated attractive annual income as well as capital gains upon exit. Wine production is becoming increasingly dynamic and the injection of capital can be highly rewarding for the consumer as well as for the winemaker and the investor. With the appropriate expertise, premium winemaking is worlds apart from cash-draining volume viticulture.  

Similar purpose

WEALTH OBJECTIVE Be it bottles or wine land, Wine Wealth offers the opportunity to invest in professional funds whose established track records deliver returns, diversification and a unique combination of finance and wine.


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Wine funds and vineyard funds
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