Welcome to Wine Wealth

Wine Wealth is a consultancy guiding investors on wine as a form of investment. It brings best-in-class opportunities to the investment community in terms of the measured allocation of capital to fine wine and wine real estate.


We work only with investment professionals and specialists in the field of wine who have a proven track record and who can contribute to the overarching objective of benefitting from wine and wine land as a store of value and as a mechanism for portfolio diversification.

WINE INVESTMENT Premium wine is a physical asset class from which financial gain can be made, and which has proven over forty years to have a low correlation to financial markets.


PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT Wine funds and vineyard funds with established performance records provide buying expertise, a diversified portfolio of vintages and chateaux, and a systematic approach to investing.


WEALTH OBJECTIVE Wine Wealth provides guidance on the opportunity to invest in vehicles whose established track records deliver returns, diversification and a unique combination of finance and wine.


Wine as investment