Service offering - three pillars of investing in wine

Wine Wealth offers principally three routes to gain exposure to wine as a physical asset class.



- physical bottles
- capital growth
- 5 years





- land/plant/ops
- income/capital
- 15 years





- collections

- wine lands
- placements




WINE FUND managers stock pick among super-premium wine traded on the London International Vintners Exchange (Liv-ex). The wine is held for five years in perfect conditions in government-monitored (ex-tax/duty) warehouses, which function as a central depository and registry.



VINEYARD FUND  managers inject capital and expertise into wine land, wine-making and marketing. They aim for operational enhancements as well as real estate gains over the 15-year horizon and normally pay an annual dividend.



PERSONAL PORTFOLIOS may consist of sizeable fine wine collections and winery ownership managed with an investment objective.